March 2023 Star Lake Newsletter

Greetings Star Lake Families,

As I am writing this newsletter article, snowflakes are falling outside my window. Wintery weather is still hanging around so please continue to have your children dress for the weather with shoes that can withstand the wet and a coat with a hood…and even as we transition into spring it stays wet around here!

As I daily visit classrooms, I am so proud to see students being kind, safe and productive. I am seeing teachers providing strong learning targets and success criteria and examples and models that help our students move to stronger independence as learners. I hear students talking with each other about the content, and I see solid progress and growth on our IRLA and iReady assessments. There is a great deal of learning going on here at Star Lake every day!

We have so many exciting events coming up in March:

On March 16th we have our family Math and Science exploration night! Due to moving, and the pandemic, we haven’t had a family night in three years! We will have food, activities, games and great research projects to share. Please join us!

On March 23rd we have our musical production of Aladdin! I can’t wait! It has been so fun to hear students practicing after school in the gym…this will be such a wonderful performance!

On March 30th and 31st we have Student-Led Conferences. Again, we need to meet with EVERY family to celebrate student growth and share progress. Please be watching for sign up information coming soon from your child’s teacher.

Please see the calendar in this newsletter for additional March events.

Amazingly, we are getting close to entering the last third of our school year and time will fly between now and June. We are excitedly registering kindergartners, reviewing data, looking at staffing and beginning plans for the fall while still digging into instruction to continue our positive, strong end to this school year.

I wish your family continued health and happiness, and a wonderful spring!

Best Regards,

Kris Rennie, principal


Mark Your Calendars


8 - Early Release - School ends at 1:35

10 - NO SCHOOL - Teacher In Service Day

13 - Yearbook Sale Ends

15 - PTA Meeting 6:00pm, school library

16 - Math & Science Exploration Night 5:30-7:30

17 - Decades Spirit Day

20 - Coffee with the Principal 2-3:00

22 - Early Release - School ends at 1:35

23 - Star Lake Aladdin Play, 6:00

30-31 - NO SCHOOL - Scholar Led Conferences


3-7 - NO SCHOOL - Spring Break

12 - BOB Competition

12 - Early Release - School ends at 1:35

12 - STEM Exploration Night 6:00-8:00, Federal Way High School

18 - Coffee with the Principal 9-10:00

21 - Backwards Spirit Day

26 - Early Release - School ends at 1:35


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STEM Exploration Night

This year’s theme is STEM for Everyone, because STEM is now integrated into almost every area of our lives. Come to STEM Exploration Night to see how your interests, hobbies, and career goals are connected to STEM!
6th Annual FWPS STEM Exploration Night

Library Learners

Our library has been very busy with lots of activities lately, especially in preparing for National Reading Month. We are having the scholars compile an Academy Award "Oscar" Book List of their favorite books they have read this year. We have them on display for all to check out.

We are also in full swing of practicing for our Battle of the Books competition with our 3-5th graders. They are practicing 1-2 times a week during their lunch recess. If you have a scholar who would still like to join, it's not too late. Just come to the library and sign up. Our competition is Wednesday, April 12th at 9:15am in the gym.

Keep reading those books!

Jennifer Nelson, librarian

March Is National Reading Month

The FWPS District is challenging all PreK-12 scholars to a Reading Marathon! Just read for 30 minutes a day for seven days in a row during the month of March, keep track of your reading on the reading log below, and turn it into our office by the end of day on Friday, April 14th. Complete the challenge and you will be rewarded with a special prize.

Go to for additional fun activities for National Reading Month.

Counselor's Corner

The Importance of Sleep to Our Children

There are many benefits of getting a good night’s sleep for adults, but this is especially important for children. There are many reasons why, including:

  • Sleep promotes growth. Sleep hormones are secreted during deep sleep.
  • Sleep helps the heart. Blood glucose and cortisol (stress hormone) decrease at night.
  • Sleep affects weight. The hormone leptin is secreted when our brain tells us that we are full. Sleep deprivation may alter this process and make kids continue eating. Children also crave higher-fat and higher-carb foods when they are tired, and can also increase the tendency to be more sedentary (burning fewer calories).
  • Sleep helps beat germs. Proteins known as cytokines are produced during sleep, and these help our bodies fight infection, illness and stress. They also make us sleepy, which forces us to rest.
  • Sleep reduces injury risk. Children tend to be clumsier and more impulsive whey they are tired.
  • Sleep increases kids’ attention span. Tired kids can be impulsive and distracted even without having ADHD. Adding as little as 27 minutes of extra sleep makes it easier for kids to manage their moods and impulses, allowing them to focus on schoolwork.
  • Sleep boosts learning. Studies show that children actually learn in their sleep. All of the things we learn during the day are either stored in our memory or discarded during sleep. Taking naps can also aid in the retention of information.


Mrs. Williams

School Counselor

(253) 945-4005

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Classes have been working hard and earning eagle wings. Some of the classes that have recently earned 10 eagle wings have had rewards like pajama day, a special treat, stuffy day, and comfy learning day.

This is Mrs. Blair’s class watching the Friday morning announcements while celebrating their comfy learning day.

Traffic Safety and Parent Drop Off

We would like to take this time to thank our community for doing their very best to keep our scholars safe as we drop off and pick up scholars daily. We realize at times we can all be in hurry, by packing our patience we are all safer in the long run. We have had one minor fender bender in the parking lot this year, so again we thank you for being safe and cautious. AAA gives the following three tips to avoid accidents in school zones.

  • Slow down. Follow those 20-mph school-zone speed limits.
  • Eliminate distractions. Taking your eyes off the road for just two seconds doubles the chance of being involved in a crash.
  • Stay alert in crossing zones.

Finally, we cone off our bus loop, due to liability and safety issues. The school bus loops are for school buses only, no scholars should be dropped off in the bus loop at any time.

We appreciate the care and respect we are showing to each other at pick up and drop off.

It's Time For 5th Graders To Think About Middle School

5th grade parents, it is time to think about the transition to middle school for your scholar!

For most Star Lake scholars, the home school is Evergreen Middle School. If you have any questions about registration, please call Evergreen at 253-945-5100.

If you would like to use the Choice Lottery option, FWPS has other options for middle school. Your Choice opportunity ends March 15th. Click on the web address below to locate the individual middle school webpage for more information about each school.

Evergreen Middle School

Illahee Middle School

Kilo Middle School

Lakota Middle School

Sacajawea Middle School

Sequoyah Middle School

Nautilus K-8

Woodmont K-8


Federal Way Public Academy

Please visit for Choice application and more information.

5th Grade Parents Please Notice This Invitation Below:

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Kindergarten Registration Is Open

Do you or a friend or neighbor have a child that will be age 5 by Aug 31st? If so please visit

If this is your first student attending Federal Way Schools, then please click on Student Registration and Create a New Account.

If you currently have or have in the past had a student registered in any Federal Way Public School , this includes Preschool & ECEAP, then you already have a ParentVue account. Just click on “ParentVue” to access your family's information. If you forgot your password you can click the “More Info” button. DO NOT make a new account for each student. If you need help recovering a forgotten User ID, please contact Kathy Miller at 253-945-4002 or If you need additional information please go to:


Reminder to parents, if you know you're are going to be out of town or planning a vacation, please fill out the pre-arranged absence form below and return it to our office NO fewer than 3 days before your absence. This form does not guarantee the absence will be Excused. Thanks for keeping us well informed.

Every Day Counts and Every Day Matters.

Prearranged Absence Form

Please fill this out and return to our office at least 3 days prior to absence

PTA Updates

Star Lake Parents and Guardians,

Thank you everyone who came out to support the PTA at the Red Robin fundraiser. Our last family restaurant night is April 26th at the Federal Way Menchies! Grab a sweet treat and support the PTA. We also have exciting things planned for Staff Appreciation in May as well as a book donation drive as a kickoff to Summer Reading-keep an eye out for more information via our facebook page and the school newsletter.


***Keep an eye out for Pre-order Spring Smencils form will be going out after Spring Break

***Next fundraiser restaurant night is April 26th 2-8pm at the Federal Way Menchies!

Please join us for our next PTA Meeting March 15th at 6pm in the school library


March 17th- Decades Day-Popcorn only

April 21st- Backwards Day- popcorn and spring smencils for sale

Join our Facebook page to keep up with the Star Lake PTA 9.4.55:

Star Lake PTA is always looking for volunteers to help with Fundraisers, Popcorn Fridays, and Book Fair! If you are interested please email us at

* Remember that a successful PTA needs your participation. We appreciate your support! If you have any questions, please email us at:

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Assistance Resources For Our Families:

Staff List:

Battle of the Books:

FWPS Volunteer Application For Download - English

You only need to print the first 4 pages plus provide copy of driver's license