Ms. Burdick's 3rd Grade News

Monday, March 14th

Insulation Inspiration

Insulation Inspiration ice cube keeper, writing paragraph about what you tried and learned, and diagram labeling key parts of your ice cube keeper are due March 17.

Ice cubes will be provided on March 17 as we use the entire day to test our ice cube keepers. (See the pink assignment sheet for more directions.) Work hard and do several test experiments to figure out which materials make the best insulators for ice cubes.

Tissue and Pencils

The sniffles and sneezes have run out our supply of tissues and our hard work has worn away all of our pencils! If you are able to donate more to our class, we would greatly appreciate it!

PARCC Test Window– April 4- April 22 Please make every effort to have your child here on time, every day.

PARCC Practice Tests and Skill Practice

You can look up PARCC practice tests online by simply searching "PARCC practice tests". Your child has already practiced once, but more practice using the testing tools would be extremely beneficial Here is a link to our 3rd grade website where specific skill resources are available.

Biography Speech & Masks - due April 15

While reading your biography, you may want to take notes on paper or sticky notes so your final report is easier to write once you finish the book. Take notes on the underlined categories below.

Please be sure to prepare a speech with speech cards or in some type of written/typed form for this project. The speech should include the following information:

• your name

• book title

author’s name

• description of person’s early life- birth date, family members, education, 2-3 important events

• description of the person’s public life- 3 major events in this person’s public life, what the person did/ accomplished, why he/she is famous

opinion about the person & how the world is different because of him/her

recommendation for the book and 3 reasons explaining it.

Also, be sure the mask is created by the student. You are welcome to buy mask craft materials at a hobby store, however, a mask made with a paper plate, yarn, felt, etc. can be just as creative!

New Homework

Starting after break, we will have homework and spelling every 2 weeks during testing. This homework will be sent home Thursday after Spring Break. Please work with your student on this homework. They will have to read 2 passages, answer questions, and write an essay pertaining to the two articles. This will combine the reading and writing aspects of the homework.

Spring Break

Have a safe, fun, and relaxing Spring Break! The kiddos come back Tuesday, March 29th.

Math Facts

It is a third grade expectation that by now, students have mastered their multiplication and division facts through 100. Please practice facts each night with your student so that they can be more successful, accurate, and efficient in their math skills.