Friday "ROAR"

Killian STEAM Leader's Academy- Friday, November 13, 2015

Our Vision and Mission

To prepare our students to become responsible 21st Century leaders and citizens in a global society.


Killian Elementary School, with the support of its parents and community, dedicates itself to providing an innovative curriculum in a safe, nurturing environment that will prepare students to be productive citizens in a global society.

Awards Day!

Parents were most impressed and pleased with our awards day celebrations. Thank you for making them feel welcome and proud of their children. Thank you for the extra effort you put forth for this time of recognition.

Family Fun Night!

The pictures are worth a thousand words. This was indeed a good night of family fun. Parents and children sat at tables and played and conversed together. Cell phones were in pockets. Awesome! Thank you to all who led and support this school event, especially Mrs. Thigpen and Ms. Branham! We did a good thing for our families.

Cool Schools!

We are looking forward to the opportunity to highlight our school on the WIS TV 10 “Cool Schools” Show on Friday, November 20, 2015

. We will be on the morning show beginning at 5:00 AM. How can you help us? We need teachers at the school by 4:30 AM for this very special opportunity to appear on television. We will serve breakfast that morning and provide a new school t-shirt for each student who attends that morning. We are showcasing our STEAM school initiatives, robotics lab, our boys and girls leadership programs, our chess students, engineers and much, much more. Our students have been doing an excellent job of learning and developing their skills in so many areas. This will be a great way for us to get some public attention for their great work in school. We need YOU there! Please complete the Google Form to indicate your availability. Thanks in advance for all you do to take Killian to the next level!

AVID Visit

Our AVID visitors gave numerous compliments to our third through fifth grade teachers for the great job they have done implementing AVID with our students. They were impressed with the level of our students' understanding and demonstration of the AVID concepts they have ;learned. Numerous positive remarks were made about the quality of our students' learning, thinking and work. Thank you especially to Mr. Pendergrass for his leadership of our AVID team and to all who support him. Great Job!

Upcoming Birthdays!

Victora Lundy- 11/13

Amber McQueen- 11/19

Happy Birthday!


We are seeing so many great things happening in classrooms. Teachers, thank you for your dedication to our profession! You are valued!

Impact Aid

Federal Impact Aid forms will be given to each student on Wednesday, November 18. These form will be on canary yellow paper. It is important that we receive an Impact Aid form from every student. The forms must include: Name of Student, Date of Birth, School/Grade, and Parent's Signature. These forms are important to the funding that the district receives from the Federal Government. Each teacher will receive a stack of forms and a copy of their class roster. When students return the forms, please highlight or check their name. Once the entire class has submitted their forms, please submit a folder with all forms as well as the class roster to Ms. Gore. As an incentive to encourage students to bring back completed forms, the first class on each grade level to submit 100% of their forms will win a "Popcorn and Juice" party! The first grade level to submit 100% of their forms will win an Icee Party for the entire grade level! Teachers, please impress upon students the importance of returning these forms. We will place Connect Ed calls and include the information in the newsletter as well. You may also want to include the information in your class newsletter. Thanks in advance for your help with this process.

A Closer Look

American Education Week

Guidance Rotation Week

Monday, November 16

Kindergarten Field Study- Country Adventure

PBL Full Faculty Meeting

SIC Meeting 5:00- 6:00 p. m.

Tuesday, November 17

Bus Evacuation Drill

Wednesday, November 18

STEAM Advisory Board Meeting

Thursday, November 19

1st- Grade- Safe and Sound Town

KIT Meeting

Dr. Doug

Friday, November 20

WIS Cool Schools Spotlight

Interim Reports Sent Home

Looking Ahead

PE Rotation Week

Monday, November 23

5th Grade Science Fair

Team Leader's/ Leadership Team Meeting

Tuesday, November 24

Boys' Leadership Field Study- Richland 2 Conference Center

Wednesday, November 25- Friday, November 27

Teacher/Student Holiday- Thanksgiving Break