Restaurant Chef

A Career Project by Justin, 7th Hour

5 Tasks

As a cook at a restaurant, we have some tasks that we must do, otherwise the restaurant will fail. We must peel fruits and vegetables in order to make other food to taste good because food mixed with fruits and vegetables that aren't peeled might be bad since the skin of the fruit or vegetable is what protects the great and refreshing taste inside. We must stir the food to ensure that the food is actually cooked because nobody wants to eat uncooked food that they paid for. We must bake things like bread for appetizers. We must finally do things important as trim the beef so that the meat won't be so fat and the meat isn't so chewy.


5 Working Conditions

You may think that a kitchen is as wild and crazy as you see it on the T.V. Well, it certainly is. If you go into the kitchen at a restaurant, you will notice that is it extremely hot. That is because there is probably more than 5 dishes trying to be made. Maybe even 10 if your restaurant is that busy. It will also be extremely noisy. People are going to be hollaring at eachother to get some orders out because other people are going to be doing the same thing too! It is going to be very crowded since people are going to be in and out of the kitchen. It would be very common to run into somebody every once in a while. You could start as early as 5:00am. Your restaurant might start that early. Especially if your restaurant does breakfast. It may vary, but you can either work morning or evening shifts. It depends on how many people are working that shift.

Degrees Necessary, Yearly Salary Range, and State

All the degrees you need to get the job is either High School Diploma and special training, or a Two Year Diploma. You get a yearly salary range of at least $15,990 to $23,870 for Arkansas.