My Digital Dossier

Learning about my life online!

The new word spreads!

I have had been online before and I was just a kid. I was 10 months old when we moved to Canada when we had my picture copied and saved so my family members could see. I have reports and pictures about my first time at the hospital and about the information about me.

People know about me.

Everyone knows me because I was born where my family members were at so it was not hard to see me. And now I try to make friends at school then talk with them online.

My Accounts

I have fun with the accounts I make but with care of how I use them. I play in them and only invite my friends that I know are safe to invite. If I do not know that person then I will ask my parents about them.

Now I know.

I be careful online about my accounts that I make. I DO NOT GIVE MY PERSONAL INFO OUT. So that I know that I did everything online right, I have one of my parents watch me write the info down.