The Outsiders

S.E Hinton


In the book there is two gangs Greasers and Socs, Johnny makes a great and bad choise with good to others and bad on socs and himself. They meant two girl socs at a game, Bob, a Soc girls boyfriend something happens with him and Johnny.Cherry A Soc falls for a Greaser names Dally.

The Conflict: Man vs Man

In the book it's Greasers vs Socs its the family of greasers vs everyone and there familys. Johnny vs Bob and Friendship Vs Friendship, also trust. Even the gangs vs eachother

A quote for this book and from this book.

A quote that goes with the book is "Strong people dont put others down they lift you up" -Michael P. Watson.

A quote from the book is " Nobody in the neighborhood's going to call the fuzz" -Steve, because everyone was scared of them

Extra Info

They are all very strong, Johnny knows what happen he ran away after a incident and he help another and he was a hero. Johnny also gets injured, in a way you have to find out to read.