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New Year — New Ways to Connect with YOU!

Hey Tanglewood Fans,

In our last newsletter I introduced our enhanced Tanglewood Works website that allows you to now purchase furniture and lighting directly from our website! Wow! I'm thrilled to report this new feature has become very popular, very quickly! We've found many of you are coming in to the Shop to see pieces in person, then purchasing online once you've made certain the piece is a "perfect fit" for your space! Yahoo! I'm so thrilled this website enhancement is a BIG hit!

During the Epic Snowzilla Blizzard this #DumpsterDiva needed to keep busy! What did I do? I'm glad you asked! After I went sledding, made tons of art and silly videos with my family, I started thinking how I could honor my New Year Resolutions and best connect with our loyal fans in order to answer your burning questions, share ideas and teach you all I've learned about thrifty upcycled DIY!

I started with redesigning the Tanglewood Works website to make everything easier to find and I created a brand new blog site, DumpsterDivaDIY. Both of these sites are optimized so I can better connect and interact with each of YOU! When you have a moment, head on over to both of those sites and tell me what you think!

Tanglewood team member Deb convinced me we had to start using Periscope. Um, first we had to figure out what the heck it was all about. Basically it is a live video feed so you can see what we are up to in real time vs. an edited video. We are experimenting with the best use of the technology. For now we are going to use it to show you more behind-the-scenes moments of running our local shop. See where we get our furniture, what we do in the warehouse, how we stage the store each week etc...

Head on over to our Twitter feed or right onto Periscope to see my latest live streams (we are at Tanglewoodworks). If you like what you see or have specific questions log in through periscope and you can ask question while we are live and get a LIVE answer. Cool huh?

And if all that wasn't enough connecting with YOU, I've got something totally fabulous in the works! Coming soon — Tanglewood Works DIY Craft Meet-Ups. I'm still working out the nitty, gritty details, but expect something extraordinary this spring!

Our NEW Winter Hours are Wednesday – Sunday from 10:00am – 5:00pm and Tuesdays by appointment.

Be Happy, Be Green, Be Safe, Be Well

Sue Older-Mondeel
Senior Dumpster Diva

PS - If you wanna help us — YELP US. YELP reviews help us get found online so we'd love some of our own. Many thanks for supporting a small local business.

NEW! Tanglewood Works Is on Periscope !

Trying out Periscope for Tanglewood Works Fans

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NEW Winter Shop Hours

Wednesday – Sunday: 10-5
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