Meet the Teacher

September 3, 2020

Meet Mrs. Taylor

Welcome to Head Start!!! I can't wait to see everyone on Tuesday. I look forward to a great year!!! I know we can make this the best year ever even with the challenges that we are all learning how to navigate at this time. Please know I want the best for your child and I want us to work as a team.

Ms. Jenkins

Welcome to Head Start kiddos!! I will be the Assistant working with your children, and I am excited to be here and get to know each and every one of these special babies. We will all be learning to get through this crazy year as a TEAM!! These challenges are NOT to big for Mrs. Taylor and I we will conquer this year and have a wonderful year!!! We strive to keep each and every child safe and healthy!!

Class Room Social Worker

Tamara Rollerson

Important Information

  • Keep your contact information updated in front office at all times.
  • If you need to change pick up or bus for the day you will need to make that change in the office not with the classroom teacher or a note in the backpack.
  • Pick up changes need to be made by 1:00.
  • Students need their backpacks each day they will have a tag on them that we scan for attendance each day.

Family Picture and Student picture.

Please send us a family picture to be hung up on our Family Tree Wall.

Send a student picture to be used on labels around the room.

Ways We will be communicating and sending out Information.


See Saw



Google Meets

Daily Yellow Folder in Backpack

Lamar County Head Start Facebook Page


You may bring your own or the school will furnish one if needed.

Zonar Cards and Bus Stop


Students will be wearing a mask when transitioning in the halls. You may send your student with a mask or they may wear a mask that the school is providing.


Need a change of clothes in a zip loc bag with names on each item of clothing and bag.

Items in each bag:





Clothes will need to be changed out with each season.

Important Information

Make sure to keep phone numbers and addresses updated. Please notify the teacher also when you make a change in the office. Email will be extremely important for communication this year.

Parent Drop Off

Parent Drop off time is 7:25-8:15. Parent drop off and Pick up will be in the front of the building.

Parent Pick -Up

Have ID ready at parent pick up. You must be on the list to pick a child up. It will be required that you remain in your vehicle and wait for the teacher to bring your child to the vehicle.

Pick-up time is 2:30.

Conference Time

Daily From 10:00-10:30.