Revolutionary War

By: Kiara Cruz-Rivera

French and Indian War

Date: 1754-1763

What Happened: In 1750, colonists wanted to move across the Appalachian Mountains for fertile land (which was claimed by the French & British). But the French were only concerned with FUR TRADE and not adding colonies to New France. In 1754, one of the colonies (Virginia) sent a British militia leader named George Washington to Fort Duquesne to force the French to leave. Then, war broke out between France and Great Britain. 2/3 of the British army was lost to the French at Fort Duquesne. In the first two years (1755-1757) of war, the French succeeded. But by 1760, the British took over of that success and won the war and having Canada taken from the French.

Treaty of Paris and Proclamation Line

Date: 1763

What Happened: In 1763, the British claimed all the land east of the Mississippi River. The colonists were able to settle in Ohio, but the Indians responded by attacking the colonists. The British weren't happy, so the put up the Proclamation Line of 1763 by sending British troops to protect the Appalachian Mountains, which kept the colonists from crossing the Appalachian Mountains. This was the first time the colonists had hostility towards England.

Sugar Act 1764

Date: April 5, 1764

Colonists were required to pay taxes for any molasses and sugar merchandise they had.

Stamp Act 1765

Date: March 22, 1765

This act was placed on all American Colonists saying that they had to pay taxes for any paper they had (ships papers, legal documents, licenses, newspapers, other publications, and even playing cards).

Quartering Act 1765

Date: May 3, 1765

This act stated that if there wasnt enough space in the barracks for troops, they had to stay in any house and inn in the colonies.

Writs of Assistance 1767

This act said that British troops could check ANY chest, trunk, bag, ship, etc that the colonies owned.

Townshend Acts 1767

This imposed duties on glass, lead, paints, paper and tea imported from the colonies.

Boston Massacre 1770

Date: March 5, 1770

The Boston Massacre was the killing of five colonists that had been in Massachusetts since the Royal Troops appeared in October 1768 to enforce the Townshend Acts.