Mrs. Kesler's 2nd Grade Class Newsletter

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Friday, May 1, 2015 - General News

Finally, here come the May flowers!! With the warmer weather approaching, please remember our room is naturally cooled with open windows and fans, so have your child dress comfortably.

We had a super week, capped off with a classroom celebration for the students filling their "Fuzzy Jar"!

Homework for the week of 5/4/15

Monday - Shape Riddles, spelling list 29 goes home for test on Friday; Tuesday - Polygons Segments; Wednesday - Quadrangles; Thursday - Pentagon/Hexagon sheet

Please check out the following links to see what's being used in second grade. Remember that Edline can give you a enormous amount of information, including units we are working on as well has homework sheets.




The week of May 4th:






P.E. and Music






Writing/ Reading: For Writing this week, the students continued to write opinion pieces on special people in their lives. They also worked on writing the cursive letters K-O. In reading we continued to focus on comparing and contrasting Fairy Tales. This week we compared Abedena The Philippine Cinderella and the Mujaro's Beautiful Daughters, an African tale. Ask your child how the two stories were similar and how they were different. We also began two fairy tale reader's theater plays; one is titled: "Cinderella Bigfoot" and the other is titled: "The Fairy Godmother's Assistant".

Word Study:

This week in word study, we reviewed homophones, abbreviations, homographs, synonyms, and antonyms. The students learned about word study games that can be found in the 2nd grade websites.

Social Studies/Science

This week in Social Studies we continued our Geography and Land-forms unit. Ask your child how waterfalls are formed? Also, have your child explain what they know about caves, and valleys. What famous waterfall has the same name as a student in our classroom?


This week in Math the students continued to practice repeated addition and arrays, getting them ready for multiplication. They played Array Bingo and explored equal sharing (dividing), by sharing cubes (eggs) among paper nests. to We continue to practice two part number stories and three digit addition and subtraction.

Reminder: If you would like your child to have extra math fact practice, please let me know and I will send Otter Creek practice sheets with a page protector cover. These sheets are for practice with a dry erase marker. Have your child practice one minute timings using the bottom portion of the sheet. The top portion is for practice. If you would like practice sheets for your child, please email me and I will be glad to send the sheets.

Second Step

This week in Second Step we continued our conversations about problem solving. We also continued our end of the day meetings. You may want to ask your child what went well this week and where is there room for improvement. We watched the next volume of "How to Unmake a Bully". The students engaged in rich discussion with teachers and 5th grade students on what to do in bullying situations. The link below will take you to the "How to Unmake a Bully, Volume 2" video.
Bystanders - How to UnMake A Bully, Volume 2

Spelling List 29







Luke: "I learned about valleys, caves, and mines. I also learned about homophones and about not being a bully."

Tyler: "I learned about times like 1X1=1. I learned about antonyms. I learned that sheep live in Death Valley." (wish I could have included his illustration! :-)

Dayejawone: "I learned our team handshake. I also learned how to add rows, like 3 rows of 2 or 2+2+2=6, homographs, and that we will not bully others."

Joshua: " I want to know how computers got made and how the earth was made. I learned that 7-3=4."

Asia: "I learned about arrays - rows, like 4 rows of 3 or 3+3+3+3=12 which is the same as 4X3=12! I also learned about waterfalls and bullying!"

Kaydence: "I learned how write a cursive K and O, and how to may clay birds. I also learned about Victoria Waterfalls and how not to be a bully."

John: "I learned about landforms like caves."

Shirat: "I learned about Valleys, waterfalls and Paradise Waterfall."

Samantha: "I learned waterfalls and multiplication!"

Kyle: "I learned about adding rows and subtraction. I learned about moms and how to cook hotdogs. I also learned about bullying"

Adam: "I learned about mountains and waterfalls. I also learned about adding 1,000."

Justin: "I helped my friends learn about a handshake. I also learned about 4 digit numbers"

Victoria: "I learned about arrays. I also learned about a waterfall named Victoria."

Draven: "I learned times like 5X5 and arrays. I also learned about synonyms."

Ryann: "I learned about arrays and waterfalls."

Nigel: "I learned to be truthful and about sharing with people. I also learned that people being nice don't bully and to help people that are bullied."

Luis: "I learned more about arrays like 4 rows of 4. I also learned that there was a waterfall named Victoria, and I learned to help bullies be nice."

Joel: "I worked on subtraction and counting by 2s. I learned about arrays."

Julian: "I learned that Death Valley has animals and that volcanoes still erupt. I also learned times and subtracting 1,000."

Emma: "I learned about valleys, that they were formed by glaciers. I learned about caves, that they are dark. I learned about waterfalls, that there's one named Victoria. I also learned how to unmake a bully and abbreviations."

Tess: "I learned about valleys and about being generous."

Joshua: "I learned how a volcano is formed. I want to learn how the earth got made."

Taryn: "I learned about more about arrays, subtractions with regrouping, and math facts. I also learned about kindness and how kindness will earn you rewards. I also learned how to unmake a bully."

Maya: "I learned about valleys, caves, and more about waterfalls."

Have a wonderful week!