Internal Medicine Doctors

By: Zohra Alikhail

What Type of Work Do People in This Career Perform?

  • Internal medicine doctors take care of patients with a variety of diseases like diabetes, lung diseases and stress level problems. They make a diagnosis, treat patients with different interventions that includes giving the patients medications.

What is the Current Salary of This Occupation?

  • The current salary of this occupation is between 130-150 thousand dollars per year.

What Are the Working Conditions?

  • The working conditions of this job is in the hospital or the office depending on the physician's preference.

What Are the Major Job Responsibilities?

The major job responsibilities are:

  • Examining the patients
  • Ordering different types of tests
  • Making correct diagnosis'
  • Treating the patient with proper medication.

Is Their a Demand For This Job in the Future?

  • Yes, there is a demand for this job in the future. There will always be a need for health care in the future.

What Kind of Education Is Needed For This Type of Work?

The kind of education needed for this type of work is majoring in pre-med or biology in college, medical school, and residency in the field of internal medicine.


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