Regees NRTC

"Saving our future generations. Solar Power is the future, and we are going to make it the future."

- Skylar, Michael, Eunice, Ryan

Explanation of Topic

Transportation is the act of moving through the use of vehicles, automobiles, etc. People have used transportation for about 100 years, ever since the invention of the Model-T by Henry Ford. People love to use transportation because it makes getting around the world easy and fast. It's so great for humans because it makes going place to place much easier than walking or biking or something of that sort. People use transportation to go on vacation, to go shopping, to go to work and more. Everyday, the use of transportation is growing.

Issues at hand

Transportation has both positive and negative aspects to it. The positive aspects of transportation are that it's very easy to get from place to place and it's fast. Negatively, transportation creates air pollution and this pollution affects climate and weather negatively. When used, transportation vehicles emit a harmful gas called carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Because this harmful gas cannot escape our atmosphere, it builds up and causes the climate to get warmer. This changes weather patterns because weather is a part of climate. If this continues, then it will get too warm eventually and humans will no longer be able to survive.

Our Solution

Our solution is to create a transportation company where the vehicles are fueled by natural resources and solar power. This solution is preferred over many other solutions because it is still very fast and easy, and it gets rid of car pollution fully. Other solutions may be to ride busses or to carpool more often. These will save gas, but this method is not longterm. Riding in carpools or busses may take more time, also. Another solution is having more people walk or ride bikes. This solution is not as good as our solution because, although it will eliminate air pollution all together, you can not travel long distances when you are walking or biking somewhere. We are making solar powered and salt water powered transportation. We are doing this because electric cars waste lots of of electricity. At the end of the year your electricity bill will cost more than the car.

Cost, Materials, and Resources

Environment friendly transportation vehicles may cost a lot of money. However, the benefit it has to the Earth is because you are helping your future generations. Building an environment friendly vehicle will need all the regular materials to build a car including the sun and solar power panels. The average cost of our solar powered boat is $20,281.05. The average cost of our solar powered car is $78,789.25. The cost of adding in solar power panels to trains is $6,095.

Possible Drawbacks

Though our solution will prevent air pollution, there are drawbacks. Our solution may not fully work for multiple reasons. The first reason is that it will be a difficult transition. People are so used to their cars and such that they wouldn't want to change, especially because most people don't care that much about the environment. This solution may be prevented, however, if people are reminded that they will be saving their future generations by purchasing environment-friendly cars. A second reason for hardship with our mission is the cost. Solar panels cost a good amount, and they add on to the current cost of each vehicle. Most people care more about their money than the environment, so they will most likely buy the cheaper, environment-harming cars. But, this problem can be stopped if people realize that the added price isn't too much and again, if they begin to care more about the environment, which is hard but possible. Our solution may negatively affect other parts of the world because it may mess up current weather patterns, but it will be for the good in the end.


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