Kjerstine Whitehead

Reasons For Fishing

Why do people fish? There are many types of fishing and they’re based on what you’re catching, where you’re going, why you’re fishing, how you want to fish, and the gear you have available for yourself. The main reason people fish are for a living (commercial), for fun, which is usually catch and release (recreational), and to compete against other people to catch a certain type of fish or weight (sport) (Conjecture Corp. 1-2).


To get started there is some gear that you will need to catch a fish. The most important items are a fishing rod, some line, a hook, and some kind of bait like a worm of grub. There are different categories of reels. According to the website, there are spin-cast, bait-casting, offshore, spinning, surf fishing, fly-fishing, trolling, and centarpin reels ( Each reel is made specific for where you’re fishing and what you’re fishing. There are also many hooks that have different looks and effects. The hooks are shaped and bent to be set in a fishes mouth so it wont pull out to easily. For bait you can use live bait or a fishing lure. There are both live bait and fishing lures for salt water and fresh water. For live baits most people just use insects, worms, and small things like frogs or small fish. Some people also use meat with peanut butter on it, which is used for catfish. You can also use lures which look like small fish of frogs and fish prey that if you reel it in right you can catch fish. Lots of fisherman have boats and other fancy gear like fish finders and pole holders that set the hook for you when ice fishing.


To go fishing you will need water, which there is a large amount on earth. You can fish in most bodies of water. Starting in small streams all the way up to the ocean. As long as your catching the legal size and fish you can fish there. You are not aloud to fish from fish hatcheries though. You also can't fish in marinas, protected areas, and places that have signs that say "no fishing." The only way you can fish in private ponds is if you have the owners permission. Snagging fish is also illegal in everybody of water (NSW Government). The limit of the fish also has to do with where your fishing and what your fishing. For northern pikes all waters north of US highway 10 is five in total but south of the highway it is only two in total (WI DNR & Bureau of fisheries management, 12). The water you are on also depends on what kind of motor you can use. Some places only allow small trolling motors like Rung or Sidey Hallow, but some places like one of the greater lakes or the Mississippi river you can have large gas powered motors that give more power.


The season also plays a large factor in what you are trying to catch and what type of fishing you are doing, because you can't go ice fishing in Wisconsin in the summer. Some fish bit better during certain times of the year and day.It also depends on where you are on the water because some fish like the shallow edges of the lake and some like the middle. Bass mostly like the edges of lakes and trout like deep cool waters. The time of the day is also important as well. You will have a better chance catching fish in the morning or late at night because that's when fish are more active and feeding. The weather is also important because if its cloudy and rainy the fish will be less hungry (Wade Bourne). This is because the rain has washed bugs and all kinds of stuff fish will eat making the water dirty and full of natural foods according to Wade Bourne (Wade Bourne). If you did fish at this at this time you would want to use a live bait or a very colorful lure. On sunny days you would want to use a dark colored lure (Wade Bourne).


There are about 230,000 different types of fish in the world and just in Wisconsin alone there are more then 160 different fish species (WI DNR). The most commonly caught fish in Wisconsin are the different species of bass, black crappie, bluegill, different species of catfish, lake sturgeon, musky, bullheads, northern pikes, walleyes, yellow perch, pumpkin-seed, and different species of salmon and trout (WI DNR). Each fish has something different about it and lives and survives in different environments depending on food and temperature. Bass like warm shallow waters on the edges of lakes, while trout like the cold deep waters of lakes or fast cold flowing streams (WI DNR). Depending on how there physical features has a impact on what the can eat. Crappies, Pan-fish, and bass mostly feed at water surfaces because there mouth faces up, but fish like suckers who's mouth is on the bottom usually eat of the bottoms of lakes and rivers (WI DNR)