6th Grade Social Studies

What Will We Learn???

The following are some of the many units we will focus on this school year:

Geography and Map Skills
Early Man and the Neolithic Revolution

The Fertile Crescent and Mesopotamia

Ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome

The Byzantine Empire

But wait! There's more... Explore the details of our 6th grade Social Studies standards by accessing New York State Common Core Standards

What Will You Need?

Students must come to class every day with the following items:

*Composition Notebook

*Pen or Pencil

*Completed Assignments

*Glue stick & Colored pencils for our interactive notebooks.


*An attitude that shows you are ready to learn!

Grading Policy

Overall Grades in Social Studies will be made up of the following parts:
50% Quizzes, Tests, Projects
30% Class Work (including regular notebook checks)
20% Homework

Homework is due at the beginning of class. Late assignments will result in a loss of points.
* By 2:50pm = -10 points
* 1 Day Late = -15 points

* 2+ Days Late = -20 points

* Assignments not completed during the 5 week marking period will earn a zero.