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Jak Sullivan 5th Grade Teacher

FOR THE WEEK OF MAY 16 - 20, 2016

Upcoming Events:

May 17 PTSP featuring 5th Grade performance

May 20 Spirit Day

May 25-27 -SPACE CAMP

MAY 31- Field Day

June 1 Incentive event

June 2 Early Release / Last day for students

Spring Carnival

5th Grade Carnival Game - The Cake Walk: Please sign up

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Field Day May 31st

Field day is a fun but physical event. Many events have been created for which students can participate. Students will not be in every event, but have chosen event they want to enter. The school will order field day shirts with the above logo on the front and each teacher has their students names on the back of their colored shirt. These keepsake shirts cost $9 each. Please send the money into your teacher's class as soon as possible.


*Students need to wear tennis shoes, athletic shorts, and class color shirt, socks or bandannas. Students may bring water, Gatorade, towel, hat, and sunscreen.

*Students may bring money for concession.

1. Parents may volunteer to help on field day. Parents, please donate needed materials (see list below). Please parents, sign in the front office before going to the field!

2. Each class will have a different color shirt.

We will order class t-shirts that are your team color. The class may wear a team color (bandanna, tall socks, sweat wrist bands. Etc.)

3. Remind your students to wear athletic shorts and t-shirts and to bring a towel if they are in a water event. Also, remind them to bring money for concessions.

Things we need donated:

1. Large balloons

2. Plastic Eggs

3. Beach Balls

4. “Cheap” Sunglasses

5. Large Styrofoam cups

6. XXL-XL sweatpants

7. XXL-XL shirts

**We need at least 6 tents to provide shade for the students! If own a tent that we can borrow please let me know.

Space Camp - News

Things to know....

Be here by 5:30 on Wednesday

Bus leaves at 6:00


- Wear Space Camp t- shirt or Buccaneer Blue polo and uniform bottoms
- Coins / $1 bills for snacks at rest stop vending machines
- Electronics for bus/ chargers. We may have wifi on the bus.
- Bring your own breakfast to eat on the bus.
- Bring a heavy lunch to eat on the bus.
- Screw top drinks only!
- Snacks
- Spending money. Your group might go to the gift shop at least one time!

Thursday (***Be sure to get everything you need from the hotel before you leave! You will not be able to come

back until it is time for bed!***)
- Uniform (Any color polo.)
- Spending money. Your group might go to the gift shop!
- Coins / $1 bills for drink machines and snack machines around Space Camp.

- Uniform (Any color polo.)

- Have everything packed up and ready to go! You will load your luggage onto the bus before heading

to Space Camp for breakfast!
- Coins / $1 bills if you want to play arcade games at Cici’s.
- Screw top drinks for the ride home.
- Snacks (We will not stop for anymore meals before arriving home.)

U.S. Space Camp & Rocket Center News

· A new exhibit will be at space camp for a limited time while we are there. Summer Smart Play will the exhibit and features activities and hands on displays


A replica of the sunshield for the new James Webb Space Telescope (replacing the Hubble) will be on display as well.


A Beautiful Planet will be the feature in the IMAX theater. This is educational as well as entertaining.

Study / Homework Help

I am available most mornings to help students that struggle. My door is open at 7:00 a.m. If I can help with additional studies, please let me know.