Blue Ridge Mountains


All about the Blue Ridge Mountains

Up the rocky hills and the beautiful mountains and trees lay a mountain that extends southernmost Georgia across northward Pennsylvania.The mountain is between the bulk of the Appalachians and bordered on the west of the Ridge and Valleys.The Blue Ridge Mountains go through parts of Pennsylvania,Maryland,Virginia,North Carolina,South Carolina,and Georgia.The mountains are beautiful year round regardless of rain,snow,and sunshine.Visitors are attracted to the Blue Ridge Mountains for it's beauty,land development,and wildlife.

The Beauty of the Blue Ridge mountains landform

First of all the Blue ridge Mountains are known for it's bluish color when seen from a distance.The beautiful trees put the Blue in Blue Ridge Mountains from the isoprene released into the atmosphere.This mountain is one of the most gorgeous parts of America.One of the most remarkable sites in the world is the fall fioge of the Blue Ridge Mountains.Visitors stop on the side of the winding road to experience the wonder of the magnificent landscape.

Blue Ridge Mountains Development

Second the development of the Blue Ridge Mountains are captivating to vistors.People want to study about the ancient grantic charnockites metamorphased volcanic formations,and sedimentary limestones that formed the Blue Ridge Mountians.The Blue Ridge Mountain has two National parks ,the Great Smoky Mountain National Park and the Shenandoah National Park,the Blue Ridge Parking.Viewing the Blue Ridge Mountains from the sky looks like small pieces of green land.An average height of one of a Blue Ridge Mountain tree is 5,000ft.

Natrual habitat for wildlife

Third the Blue Ridge Mountains are famous for it's natrual habitat to animals,plants and trees.People love to see the breathtaking black bear and whitetail deer.Because of the rocks and rivers the landform makes a fabulous habitat for wildlife.Plants like the azaleas,Cherokee Rose,and varieties of apple trees grow in the Blue Ridge Mountains.It is because Blue Ridge Mountains has the worlds most botanically rich mixture of soil.

The Blue Ridge Mountains

In conclusion the Blue Ridge Mountains is a beautiful place that provides rivers for animals.I would love to travel to the Blue Ridge Mountains because I would love to see a beautiful veiw of mountains and trees.I would love to view the beautiful wildlife,and listen to the lovely sound of the river and the tweets of the birds.