How the Lithosphere is affected

Earthquakes, Volcanoes, and Mountain Building

The Lithosphere

The lithosphere is is the outer solid part of the earth, including the crust and uppermost mantle. It is also the coolest of all layers, and stays at a cool 1800 degrees Fahrenheit. .The lithosphere below the crust is brittle enough at some locations to produce earthquakes by faulting, such as within a subducted oceanic plate. There are two types of Lithosphere: Oceanic and Continental.

How they relate

The Lithosphere and earthquakes, volcanoes, and mountain building relate because they are all the movement or disruption of the Earth's crust. The Lithosphere can cause earthquakes. The crust is brittle enough which at some locations which cause faulting to occur.

Sometimes earthquakes do trigger volcanic explosions, which is when magma is forced to the surface and becomes lava. When tectonic plates meet and one is pushed under the other, it triggers magma to rise and explode out of the surface. Volcanoes also do help the lithosphere because of the materials that appear during the eruption is good for the soil.

The Lithosphere plays a big part in mountain building. The Lithosphere is made up of tectonic plates and when two plates collide, it starts to create a mountain. The Himalayas are a good example. They formed when the Indian and the Eurasian plate collided.

How it relates to other topics I've learned

The Lithosphere relates to almost every topic I have learned. It relates the most to Plate Tectonics because the Lithosphere is made broken into tectonic plates. There are oceanic and continental plates, which are the two types of the Lithosphere.

Weathering and Erosion relates to the Lithosphere because it can be cause of it. Weathering can occur inside the Earth, and it can happen on the surface, Rocks can be broken down and torn apart inside the Earth. Erosion can occur because when rocks are broken down into pieces and will later packed together.

The Rock Cycle is also possible because of the Lithosphere. Some rocks that are made are caused by volcanic explosions and the moving of plates. Igneous rock is caused by hear which is generated in volcanoes. During the cycle, rocks do move and some move from inside the Earth to on the surface.

Effectiveness in my life

These topics have effected my life because now that I know more of fault lines and where the tectonic plates are, my future will change. I will be more watchful for signs and when I get older, I will know where to like that's near any disaster zones. Now that I know about the Lithosphere and how it impacts almost everything going on and in the Earth, I can be more openminded and think more out of the box was what I've learned and continued to learn. Instead of brushing things off and not caring about rocks or the latest disaster, I can look into it and discover what the cause of it was. These topics have widened my horizon and I have learned plenty of interesting facts.

By: Sydney Sweitzer