GT Update News: Edition 10

for Mrs. Anderson's Crew


Last week in third grade, they explored ancient art history, with a focus on the types of art found within the period. This week they will design and paint a three-dimensional mosaic. This will be the first, of many pieces of art they will create. Stay tuned to see their finished pieces. Next week they'll explore Renaissance art history.


Last week fourth grade reflected on a past recording of their morning announcement show. A few weeks ago, Brayden and JM created a student survey for other students to give their feedback about what they would like to see us include in the announcements. Karsen, Avery, and Katie looked through completed surveys and added two new segments; Word of the Week and having participants from clubs come on as guests to share what they learned or did during their club time. Hopefully this week, we will be able to use our updated equipment and play a video during our morning announcements.


Last week fifth grade edited and revised their character analysis' and finalized their final drafts. They are saved and kept in their unit 1 folders in Google Drive; take a look if you get a moment. This week, they will plan and create a final product for the unit. Take a look at our class Google site, there you'll find the details and expectations for their final products. Up to this point, every activity they have completed have been formative assessments (I give them feedback and they are able to make changes based on that feedback). For their final product (performance task), they will utilize the various completed activities and put them together, in addition to adding new items. This is considered a summative assessment.
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