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Fundamental Facts On Colloidal Silver

Colloids of silver consist of very small particles of pure silver suspended within steam distilled water that is pure. It is a product that should not have proteins, additives or stabilizers. In the event that stabilizers are added, there will be the possibility of the particles clumping together and becoming very large. If this is the case, then the particles will not get absorbed with ease into the blood stream. This will make the colloidal silver to become ineffective. Everyone looking to use this product should know how it works.

Pure colloids of silver are among the most universal antibiotics. If it gets administered in its colloidal form, it will not be dangerous. For this substance, any microbes are not able to survive for longer periods of time, making them to die after suffocation. The substance will not cause damages to enzymes or alter the chemical composition of parts of the body. When it gets adjacent to microbes that are made of a single cell, there will be inhibiting of their metabolic enzymes.

When purchasing the product, some important considerations need to be internalized. One of the most important things is to consider the ingredients that are used to make the product. When doing this, you need to consider if the product contains only de-mineralized water and silver. Distilled water is also used. If the solution also includes trace elements or stabilizers, there should be proper research before purchase. If any seller is having the solution refrigerated, it will indicate there is an undesired element within it.

The ideal color should be golden yellow, unless of course it is produced in concentrated form so that it is diluted later. If this is the case, it will be looking greenish gray with an orange cast in the light. If the color is darker, it is indicative of larger particles of silver or that the water has minerals. Therefore, careful checking of the product is necessary.

There are people who opt to do production of the product from home, in which case the purchase of a generator will be necessary. The quality and price are also easily controlled. It has become easier to do the production these days because the generators do most of the work, saving a lot of time. There are types of generators that require constant attention to make voltage polarity changes every once in a while.

For those that have decided to do the production from home, some things need to be considered. For the best outcomes, the system chosen should be that which uses rods and distilled water as the sole ingredients. It is advisable that you use the highest quality distilled water. Tap water must never be used.

The most important aspect to be controlled is the water. Choosing the best water to use is important and is always a gamble. You may have to try different types of water before arriving at the best. The experimentation is important.

If in any case the silver turns grey or brown, then the water contains plenty of minerals. This would need you to start production afresh. Home production requires you to know what to expect and the procedures involved.

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