Da Vinci Dragon Band Newsletter

Luke Franco, Band Director

Welcome to the 2014 - 2015 School Year!

Hello parents and guardians!

I hope the beginning of your student's school year has been fun and educational. I am excited to touch base with you to tell you a little about Da Vinci Band Program goals for the upcoming school year. This year Band Program will include three bands: a Beginner Band, a Symphonic Band, and a Pep Band. Pep Band will begin in October and will play regularly at sporting events and special events at school. We hope to 'raise the roof' by playing fun and spirited music. All levels of band members may participate in Pep Band with beginners being eligible to participate starting in the Spring Semester when they have learned their instruments well enough to play the music. The Beginner Band and Symphonic Band will perform at school concerts such as the upcoming 'Daniel Pearl Concert' set for Thursday October 30th at 6pm. Mark your calendar!

This year our Symphonic Band, which will include qualified beginners, will compete in city competitions such as the UIL (University Interscholastic League) Band Competition which takes place in April of 2015. We will rock these competitions! Though we have only been rehearsing and practicing for three weeks I can say with enthusiasm that the band program is off to a great start this year. Your students are working hard and they have demonstrated great potential. I look forward to seeing your students develop, improve, and succeed in band. With the number of excellent students I have heard so far this is shaping up to be a great year for the Da Vinci Band!

- Luke Franco, Band Director

Notice: 'Practice Records' Due Every 3 Weeks!

Thank you for your assistance in tracking and recording your student's practice times on their 'Practice Record' each week. This is a very important piece of accountability which will ensure that all of our band students are progressing at a proper pace and that each student is getting the most out of the band program. Without practice we can't strive for perfection! Please encourage your student to go above and beyond and strive for excellence; practicing is the solution. Thanks!


New Band Website!

Please check out our brand new band website at www.dvdragonband.com for announcements, calendar of events, and additional information about the band program. The website includes electronic media, play-along tracks for practicing, sheet music downloads, and educational YouTube videos, as well as links to pertinent documents. These documents include the Band Handbook (class rules and policies) and also any handouts that you or your students may need. Please check the website regularly!

Comments & Suggestions are Welcome!

Parents & Guardians,

As the teacher of your student's band class, and as a young and rather new teacher, I am always looking for new ways to invigorate and fine tune the band program. Please feel free to contact me with any comments or suggestions you may have concerning the band which may assist in making our program more successful. Your input is appreciated!

- Luke Franco, Band Director