The Tundra

By Dakota Nation

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What Lives in the Tundra

There is quite a large amount of animals living in the tundra, there are Mountain Goats, Sheep, Marmots, and Birds. They feed on low lying plants. they are barely clinging on to life.

There are also Arctic Foxes, Polar Bears, Gray Wolves, Caribou, Snow Geese, and Muskoxen.

What is a Tundra

Tundras are among earth's coldest, harshest. They have no trees and are found in the arctic and the tops of mountains where rainfall is scant. Tundras are snow covered land for most of the year, until summer come and the flowers bloom. The average temperature for the tundra is 10-20 degrees fahrenheit (-12 to -6 celsius), Yearly precipitation including melting melting snow is 15-25 cm (6 to 10 inches)
Tundra Biome

Threats to the Tundra

The melting of the permafrost caused by the global warming is making it harder for the native animals to survive. Ozone depletion at the North and South Poles means stronger ultraviolet rays that will harm the tundra. Air Pollution can kill food for animals. Oil Spills kill wildlife and causes significant amounts of damage to the environment. Buildings and roads put heat and pressure on the permafrost causing it to melt. Invasive species such as Argentine grey foxes, Canada Geese, and Canadian beavers are eating off the native plants and animals.