Disney Animator

What Do Disney Animators Do?

Animators that work in Disney create timeless movies for children and families. The studios create wonderful artistry and masterful storytelling using the great technology we have. At the studios, the employees continually work hard to strengthen their skills from a variety of classes they take.


There are multiple jobs within Animation. Each job receives a different salary than others. The average yearly wage is $81,000, the beginning wage is $42,3000, and the top wage is $158,000.


62% of Animators graduate college with a bachelor's, particularly in drawing, animation, design and color, film, or technology. After Graduating they offer trainig to get used to the software they use


Communication plays a big part in animation. When working, everybody works as a team and each member must receive feedback from each member. Other important qualities an Animator needs are patience, creativity, and concentration. They must have an interest in art and design and computer skills. Disney Animators are people who come up with creative and original ideas.


Being an Animator is very time consuming. the required amount of hours for Animators are long, especially during close deadlines. A basic work schedule in Animation consists of 50 hours per week. When the close deadlines come, it could most likely lead to night or weekend work. Working many hours per week, most likely means few vacations.

"You can design and create the most wonderful place in the world. but it takes people to make the dream a reality." - Walt Disney