Be Your Own Roll Model®

"Self-care is the new health care." - Jill Miller

Roll, Breathe, Release

To all those who use their bodies (and their minds) too much or too little (or somehow both), do your hardworking self a favor and join Melinda Kausek at Satori Yoga Studio for an afternoon of restorative self-care.

From toes to crown, Melinda will guide you to knead and roll through all the micro-regions of your bodies with the Roll Model® (a.k.a. Yoga Tune Up®) Therapy Balls. Tension will be unwound. New spaces to move will be found. This full-body ‘rolling’ session will be completed with a guided breathing meditation which will allow you to experience a state of deep, conscious relaxation. You will leave feeling refreshed in body, mind and spirit.

No Yoga or rolling experience necessary. Students of all levels are welcome!

Be Your Own Roll Model®

Saturday, May 16th, 1-3pm

110 Sutter Street

San Francisco, CA

Cost: $45 early registration/$60 day-of-event.

Both prices include a set of Therapy Balls.

Sign up online at

About Melinda

A movement educator with over 7 years of experience, Melinda Kausek brings her anatomical fluency, keen eye for alignment, and joy for movement to every class she teaches. She loves helping her students discover their own capacity for movement and healing with her carefully crafted, playful sequences.