Do vaccines cause mental disorders?

How can they be treated?


Before the mid-1940s, vaccinations were given to children around the age of six. In the mid-1940s they started giving vaccinations to newly born babies and autism became more common in children. Along with autism, vaccinations are also believed to cause ADD, learning disorders, convulsions, paralysis, and epilepsy.
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Rand Paul: Vaccines Can Cause 'Profound Mental Disorders,' Parents 'Own' Their Kids
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Concerns With Vaccines

many vaccines have been shown to work in primates and are only expected to be safe for humans, but are still unknown. The question relates to whether or not humans can foster the formation of antibodies or any immune response at all. This is a major risk, which requires extensive testing and research. In one case in 2007 for the HIV virus, the vaccine was successful in primates but when introduced to humans, posed several health risks.

Vocabulary Words

  1. Vaccine- A substance used to provide immunity against diseases by releasing antibodies.

  2. Therapy- A form of treatment intended to relieve or heal a particular disorder.

Mental Disorder- Health conditions that affect your train of thought, mood, and behavior