Roman Empire

By: Charles Dudley


I did my research on the Roman Empire. My first topic is the kings of early rome. The Romans had many kings. Next is the Punic Wars. It is about a series of battles that took place in Actient Rome. After that, for my last topic, I have Decline & Fall. This topic tells of the fall/end. Finally I have my conclusion paragraph. This paragraph kind of sums it all up.

Kings of Early Rome

The Romans had many kings and accomplishments. The Romans kept no written records and their history is mixed with myths and legends. It is hard to tell truth from fiction. Romulous and Remus were both kings that are said to have built Rome. Then Romulous was succeeded by Numa Pompolis. One of Numa Pomplis' "achivements" was that he added 2 months to the 10 month calender that the Romans used in that time. We still use the same 12 month base calender today.

The Punic Wars

The Punic Was were a terrible series of wars that came across the Roman Empire. The series of wars lasted two centuries! Thats 200 years! The battles turned Rome into a nation of soldiers. 2 of the terrible battles were Net and Zama. The commander of the Roman army during the punic wars was Pubilius Cornelius.

Decline & Fall

This topic is about the fall of the Roman Empire. The Roman Empire had a total of 27 emperors. One of them was Diocletian, he divided Rome into east and west. The east was wealthy while the west suffered inucsions. The Roman Empire ended in 476 BC. Then the Germanic Kingdoms took its place.


My research about the Roman Empire was very interesting to me. My three topics that I chose helped me learn more about the Romans. For example from my first topic-Kings of Early Rome- I learned that the Romans kept no written records, and in the punic wars I learned that the series of wars lasted 2 centuries, then I learned that the Roman Empire had 27 emperors! I learnd a lot about the Roman Empire during this research project. Thanks for viewing my flyer!! :-D


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