Monthly Preschool Newsletter

March madness!


Preschool begins promptly at 8:30am. If you wish for your child to participate, they need to be here no later than 8:30am. Children arriving after that time will not be able to participate that day as it disrupts the children that have already began and causes delays. Thank you for your cooperation, It is greatly appreciated :)

Child Development**

Is your kid on track? Here's what you need to know about child development for the older kid, including appropriate behaviors, psychological development, social growth spurts, and emotional considerations. There are many different topics that should be covered with your child.
  • *Physical Development
  • *Intellectual Development
  • *Behavioral Development
  • *Social Development
  • *Learning Disabilities
  • *Gifted Children
  • *Friends
  • *Shyness

Special Events**

In the next few weeks a letter will be sent home to parents about field day, a spring/Easter bash (which will include egg hunts along with other activities). It is encouraged for parents to volunteer to help with the children during these events. If you can attend please let the center know and we will provide more information. Thanks!

Contact info :)

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Program News**

Just a friendly reminder that sign ups for next year is coming up soon! We will also host a parent night for parents to join the program and discuss the children achievements. We are proud to announce the new technology that will be welcomed into our center the following school year.

Classroom News**

Preschoolers are all potty trained and ready to conquer the world! Classrooms are overflowing with challenging toys and equipment that offer a stimulating, colorful environment. This is the setting for fun and learning where children can be independent and express their skills! So whats new in the classroom? We have updated the craft/art section to give the children more tools to use while being creative. We learn new concepts like sharing, caring, and treating our friends well.

Always remember, every child is an artist

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