The Phantom of the Opera

Broadway Musical

Raelee Wilkins, Justin Rogers, Grant Hays

Estrada 4th 1/14/14

Summary of the Show:

A girl, Christine, has been raised in an opera house. Her whole life she has been hearing a voice in her head (she thinks it might be the Angel of Music her father promised will give her guidance) teaching her to sing. When she is older the Phantom of the opera house falls in love with Christine, but Christine is in love with an old friend, Raoul. As the Phantom hears of this other lover he starts to become angry. He threatens to kill Raoul. To save Raoul's life Christine agrees to marry and kiss the Phantom. After Christine and the Phantom kiss he realizes that making Christine love him was a mistake. She ends up running away with her true love.

Five facts:

1. The musical has made a gross profit of 5.6 billion dollars from the 130 million people that have seen it.

2. On September 27, 1986 The Phantom of the Opera opened at the Majesty's Theater in London.

3. 27 lorries have to transfer the set from each theater.

4.On October 23, 2010 the West End Production played its 10,00th performance.

5. The theater that The Phantom of the Opera is playing in on Broadway is the Majestic Theater.

Actors and Musical Numbers:

Angel of Music - Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Phantom of the Opera

Award Nominations from the 1988 Tony Awards (not all listed):

  • Best Musical
  • Best Direction of a Musical
  • Best Scenic Design
  • Best Costume Design
  • Best Lighting Design
  • Best Book of a Musical
  • Best Original Score
  • Best Choreography

Interesting Facts:

1. Tickets first went on sale for The Phantom of the Opera on December 9, 1987. Previews started on January 9, 1988. The opening night was on January 26, 1988. (for Broadway)

2. The scenic and the costume designer were both the same person, Maria Bjornson.

3. In the show The Phantom of the Opera there is a musical number with the same title as the musical.

4.The Phantom of the Opera running show time on Broadway is 2 hours and 30 minutes with 1 intermission.

5.The Phantom of the Opera is still running to day.