The Amazing Saxophone!

The new way to make music


The Saxophone is a knew way to create loud and great sounds! It is a combination of a brass and buttons! All you have to do is blow into and press a button to make a cool and amazing sound!

Last week I saw the 18th president of the united states Abe Lincoln playing the awesome Saxophone!

Musicians are you sick of using the old sounding instruments?

The saxophone makes better sounds than any other instrument out there! It will make people actually listen to your great music!

Where can one use this great instrument?

You can use this anywhere! you could play it on the street to make money or you could bring it home and play for your children. You could also play it on a stage with your friends!

Why would someone use such a great instrument?

The saxophone creates great music and brings people together. Also to express their creativity through music!


I learned that the saxophone was made by Adolph Sax i thought it was kinda funny because his name was Sax and its called the saxophone. The saxophone was not invented in america it was invented in Belgium. I also learned that the Saxophone makes many unique sounds.

One effect that the Saxophone had in the 1800s was that it was a starting point to making more advanced instruments. For example the Alto sax and the Tenor Sax. One effect it has on today is that many bands use it to perform shows for people. It is also a way of life for some people who need money.

I chose the celebrity persuasive technique. I thought that if someone in the 1800s saw Abe Lincoln playing the Sax would make more people buy it than just a simple advertisement without anyone famous playing it. It really makes people want it more.