Black Rhinoceros

By A.S


  • The Black Rhinoceros is a mammal
  • Has horns
  • weighs from 800-1400 Kg (wiki 3)
  • uses scent marking and urine spraying to communicate (wiki 6.2)

Food chain and habitat

  • eats plants, branches, shoots, bushes and fruit (a-z animals)
  • lives in primarily grassland, savvanas, and tropical bushland(a-z animals)
  • predators: wild cats and humans
  • climate: tropical


  • Uses his two horns to protect himself
  • Their excellent sense of smell alerts them from predators
  • Communication: use scent marking and urine spraying

Reasons for endangerment & critical information

  • Black rhinoceros is a very big animal so their only predator are lions and humans
  • humans kill rhinos for their horns
  • their currently status is critical endangerment to extinct ( A-Z animals)