Pamlico Sound


Pamlico Sound is a estuary located in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Stretching from the Manteo to Portsmouth Island, Pamlico Sound is the largest sound in the Outer Banks. Estuaries are an incredibly valuable and important part of our world. They serve as nurseries for baby marine animals, and also as environmental filters. They are also buffer zones, and prevent flooding in many areas by acting as huge sponges. Pamlico Sound is home to many organisms, including loggerhead sea turtles, egrets, herons, oysters, and cypress. It is fed by three inlets: Oregon Inlet, Ocracoke Inlet, and Hatteras Inlet. Unfortunately, Pamlico Sound, as well as North Carolina's other estuaries, are threatened by many factors. Contamination, by rivers, ocean water, and runoff, are a major threat to the wildlife supported by estuaries. Also, human development is a threat. As humans develop urban cities, they often drain estuaries to provide extra land. This not only destroys the estuary, but also increases the surrounding land's susceptibility to flooding. Toxins, eutrophication, sediments, turbidity, and other such factors can also harm estuaries.
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