History Workshop

The University of Delaware Department of History

“The Militarization of Sound”

David Suisman

Associate Professor

Coordinator, Hagley Program

University of Delaware

Sound is an elusive historical subject. It is intangible and ephemeral, but it can also be a form of power—even military power. This paper looks at ways sound has factored into war making, ranging from morale booster to tactical weapon, with special emphasis on the United States, which in recent years has been a leader in using sound for military crowd control and as a tool in the interrogation of detainees.

Tuesday, Sep. 8th, 12:30-1:45pm

203 John Munroe Hall, Newark, DE 19716

The 2015-2016 academic year represents the fortieth year in which the Workshop serves as a regular part of the History Department life. Bring a lunch. All are welcome! For further information, please call (302) 831-2371.

First and second year History graduate students are required to attend so plan to make the History Workshop a regular part of your Tuesday activities.