by Ben Wang

Some Info About This Book...

*1010 lexile book

*Christopher Paolini is the author

*849 pages

*genre is fantasy


The character that changed the most in the series was Eragon, the protagonist. In the beginning, he was just a poor farmer boy. One day when he was hunting, he found a dragon egg that hatched for him. The evil king wanted the egg, which lead to Eragon's uncle dying. Eragon goes through a journey of trying to defeat the king along with his dragon, Saphira, and the Varden. In the end, after much is lost and Eragon has gone through a lot, they defeat the king. Eragon is changed from a boy to a man. His body is physically changed in the Agaeti Blodhren, and he has the supernatural abilities of an elf. Mentally, he has witnessed thousands of deaths, many of the caused by him. He's seen the power of magic and what it can do to everyone. Emotionally, in the end he has to sacrifice everyone and everything so that he can go to a new land and train the next generation of Dragon Riders.

The minor characters that was most important were the Eldunari. They provided Eragon and Saphira with the strength and mental power needed to cast spells and fight in battles. Without them, Eragon and Saphira would've died from exhaustion and King Galbatorix would've overpowered their minds.


I didn't like it, but the ending served its purpose. It's obvious that the author thought this out and new from the start of the first book what was going to happen. Angela foretold that he would go to a new land and never come back again, so I guess the ending was inevitable. I know that Eragon would sacrifice everything for the welfare of Alagaesia, it's just in his personality, so the ending was effective.

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