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CHS Faculty Newsletter - December 2015


Looking for ideas to support your teaching? Check out these articles for trends and tricks from the education world to enhance your efforts in the classroom. Enjoy!

30 Universal Strategies for Learning

The big idea is that these kinds of “brain actions” are not only the kinds of tasks you can use to create assignments, but more importantly are the kinds of acts that promote inquiry-based understanding. So rather than start with a topic–fractions to metaphors –you can simply insist on the cognitive action itself. Learners can choose topics of their own, or you can offer a range of topics.

Hypos: Real Engagement with Unreal Questions

A recent lesson in my ninth-grade language arts classroom reminded me of the power and efficiency of using hypos -- discussions based on hypothetical scenarios -- to engage students and extend their thinking.

7 Helpful Tips for Conferences with Parents Who Speak Minimal Engish

I work in Harlem at a school that has numerous West African immigrant families who speak many different languages and dialects. I have adapted the way I approach working with families over the past ten years to ensure that I am meeting the needs of all the families in my class.

Videos That Genius Hour Teachers Love

In The Genius Hour Guidebook, we talk about the videos that have inspired us as teachers, and also about the videos that we use to inspire our students. Let’s start with the must-watch videos for teachers, and then I’ll go through some of the ones that we use in our classroom when we introduce Genius Hour.

4 Things Educators Can Learn from the Golden State Warriors

I caught the game at a point where the Warriors were actually losing to the Clippers by over 20 points, which in most cases is insurmountable, but I actually watched from that point on because I knew of their ability to come back. They actually won the game going away at the end, and I thought about how they are really challenging the conventional notion of basketball. A lot of the things they are doing can have a connection to what we are doing in education.