Technological Innovations are Good

By : Zack Rolland

Advancements in technology are a good thing. These improvements make many things more efficient. They also help to make easier and many times more enjoyable. Technology is the main reason people in this day and age work eight to ten hours instead of twelve to sixteen!
Technology is severely increasing business and factory production/efficiency ! For example pesticides and tractors have made farms more food for less money("Bernard" ,2016) . Machines are revoultionizing the way we do things. Machines or robots are much more efficient than humans. Efficiency is the ratio of the amount of energy the amount of work done("Prigo"2016) . Humans are only a mere twenty four percent efficient but a basic motor is seventy five percent efficient("Prigo"2016) . Just think how much more productive we can make our newer technology!
Another advantage of technology is how it makes life easier. Less than seventy five years ago we had to dig cold musty underground cellars just to store some food. Now we don't have to waste our time like that because we have refrigerators! New cars can reach speeds of one hundred miles per hour. That is much faster than walking and you won't get tired. That is just another reason why technology is a GREAT thing.
Technology is greatly improving the quality of life! With new forms of social media we can always keep in though with our friends and family. Computers can do many things to save our time and energy. For example spreadsheets save a lot of time("Bernard"2016).
Technology does much more good than bad! Some people say it causes laziness, but it just make you more productive. You could want to stay inside more on electronic devices, yet with all your extra time you may find yourself going outside more!
Technology is always advancing and progressing for the better. It is increasing the effiency of traveling, working, and just having fun! With new technologies life is just easier. Technology and new machines can save ypu lost of time if choose to use them. I challenge you to go make small machine or contraption today!


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