Credit Newsletter

By: Felipe Villafan

The Basic of Credit

Credit makes buying what you want when you want easy and simple, its not free money. There are many different forms of credit. The most common ones are home loan, student loan, car loan etc. The cost that associate with credit is interest rates and annually fees. There are certain things that determine how someone gets credit and how much they get.

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Credit Cards: What You Need To Know

A Credit Card is a plastic card issue by the bank and useful to buy goods and services. There many different types of credit cards. For example low limit credit and secure student credit card. You can use credit cards almost anywhere you want. The benefits of using credits give you lower interest rates over time. Some credit cards offer rewards points. You have to credit limit which is the total amount of money you borrowed. There penalty fees if you pass your payment.

Smart Consumers: Don't Fall In A Credit Card Trap!

Tips on credit cards

  • sign your card when you get it
  • Always use a secure browsers
  • Never share password
  • Don't max out
  • Pay more than the minimum balance