Electricity and Magnetism

The world around us!

How Magnetism and Electricity affect each other

You can transfer from electrical energy to magnetic energy and vice versa. using magnets spinning around a copper coil you can generate electricity. Also by connecting the ends of a copper coil to a battery you can create a magnetic field.

Three Inventions that take advantage of Electrical forces

Telegraph- Uses electricity to send pulses across the telegraph line to the receiver. These pulses translated into beeps that were part of the code language of Morse Code.

Watch- a watch uses electricity to turn the gears that move the hands that tell you the time.

Light Bulbs- Electricity flows into the light bulb, as it passes through the filament the electricity charges the atoms of the filament, the atoms then emit photons thus producing light from electric.

Aurora Borealis

Aurora Borealis, the northern lights is caused by the interaction of charged particles in solar wind with the magnetic field of earth. The solar wind originates from the sun and are emitted through events such as solar flares. This interaction between the charged particles and earths magnetic field is usually confined to higher latitudes. but when the solar wind is strong enough it can expand down towards the equator.
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Inventions that take advantage of magnetic forces

Compass- A magnetic compass consists of a small lightweight magnet balanced on a near friction-less pivot point. the magnet is typically called a needle. Often Marked 'N' for north on one side. that is the side that points north.

Credit Cards-The black strip on the back of the card has identification for the holder and allows for purchases.

Security devices at department stores- There is a magnet in the poles and on a tag attached to the item. When the item passes through the field, an alarm will sound if the tag is still attached or activated.

MRI- The MRI has a superconducting magnet bathed in liquid helium at -452.4 F.

VHS Tapes- Magnetism is used to record the video onto the tape of the cassette.

TV-The magnet in TV is used to steer the electron beam anywhere onto the screen.

Speaker- the electrical current flows through the voice coil reversing the coils polar orientation. the change in magnetic forces between the voice coil and the permanent magnet , moving the coil and attached diaphragm back and forth.

Microphones-Whenever the sound wave hits the diaphragm (a thin piece of paper, aluminum or something of that sort), the diaphragm vibrates past the magnet making a current and producing an audio signal.

Scrap Metal Crane-A big heavy duty electromagnet. A very strong copper wire with a lot of coils and a big current making a very strong magnetic field.