What Makes BHS Great

By: Tom Timms

What exactly makes BHS great?

Blythewood High School is a school that not only provides a quality education to its students, but also provides a healthy, interactive learning atmosphere with students, plentiful opportunities for growth in many parts of a students life, and overall a very involved student base. All of these wonderful things have allowed for Blythewood High to flourish amongst other schools not only in the district of Richland 2, but also the state of South Carolina as a whole. Multiple times, Blythewood has been recognized for its excellence as a whole, and was the winner of the 2015 Riley Award for School Improvement.

Blythewood is Great? You Decide

Blythewood provides everything essential to a students success, while offering many chances for growth in other areas of a students life, such as a social atmosphere, academic growth, and leadership.