Happy New Year!

Washington, DC Emerging Leaders Program - January 2016


You have reached the midpoint of the Emerging Leaders Program! I am excited to witness your perseverance, grit and steadfastness throughout this program. Many of you find yourselves in schools that are dealing with major issues yet you're staying true to the work of becoming amazing teacher leaders in your schools. Remain focused and committed.

Cycle 5: Identifying Root Causes and Strategically Determining Solutions

In Cycles 1 and 2, we worked on the DDI cycle. In Cycles 3 and 4 we focused on coaching using the Instructional Practice Guides. Now, in Cycles 5 and 6, we will turn our attention to some of the more adaptive elements of the work – how to understand what is happening with your team, why teachers may not follow up, and how to help build others’ skills in leading the work you are doing. In Cycle 5, we will focus on why teachers might not follow through and how to support them. In this cycle, we’d like participants to really think about their team dynamics again – and use the teacher survey, the content in this cycle, and the upcoming assignment to reflect on their role as the leader of the team and how they can best support healthy team dynamics that lead to strong follow up.

Enduring Understandings/Standards/Concepts

1. Transformational leaders build a culture of collective efficacy and positively impact instructional practice by maintaining a focus on rigor, high expectations, growth, and achievement for all.

  1. Competency 1.1a: Demonstrate urgency, relentless drive, confidence, and belief in students despite adversity
  2. Competency 1.1b: Continuously reflect on performance, seek feedback and pursue opportunities to improve personal leadership
  3. Competency 1.2a: Model appropriate communication strategies
  4. Competency 1.2b: Build strong and trusting relationships
  5. Competency 1.3b Inspire teachers to champion a vision and mission for academic success
  6. Competency 1.4a: Effectively manage change to support the vision and mission
  7. Competency 3.1b: Create and maintain a sense of urgency and commitment to high academic achievement for all students
  8. Competence 3.1c: Demonstrate deep understanding of efficacy concepts

2. Transformational leaders’ coaching practices inspire change in teachers' instruction by leading them to align and implement high leverage strategies

3. Transformational leaders demonstrate personal leadership by employing reflective practices while building and encouraging strong, trusting relationships through the application and modeling of appropriate and effective communication strategies.

    1. Competency 1.1b: Continuously reflect on performance, seek feedback and pursue opportunities to improve personal leadership
    2. Competency 1.2a: Model appropriate communication strategies
    3. Competency 1.2b: Build strong and trusting relationships

4. Transformational leaders positively impact the DDI culture in schools by ensuring laser-like focus on teaching, learning, and increasing achievement and growth for all students.

5. Transformational leaders build capacity, in their team members, by strategically leveraging relationships while observing, supporting and coaching them towards success and holding them accountable to a vision of excellence for all students.

    1. Competency 4.1a: Strategically monitor and hold staff accountable for performance expectations
    2. Competency 4.2a: Cultivate leadership in other adults
    3. Competency 4.2b: Demonstrate the skills need to lead a high functional instructional team.

Session/Cycle 5

Tuesday, Feb. 9th, 5-9pm

921 Pennsylvania Avenue Southeast

Washington, DC

Teacher Survey Distribution

Monday, Jan. 11th, 10am

This is an online event.

Teacher Survey Links will open on January 11th and close on February 11th. It is crucial for each of your team members to complete the survey. You will reflect on the results of this survey for Assignment 3.

Individual Learning Plans/Goals and Learning Meeting 2 - SIGN UP USING LINK BELOW

I look forward to meeting with each of you over the next few weeks to discuss your Individual Learning Plans and to conduct your 2nd Learning Meeting. A google calendar will be set up for you to choose a date and time for us to meet. The meetings may take place in person or virtually. Once you have selected a time, please do not change your day or time without approval. Thank you.