By: Tommy Sass


Today I will be talking about 3 topics. The kings of Early Rome,The Punic Wars and the Roman Empire. All 3 of these topics have helped me learn more about Ancient Rome. From kings to wars to an empire. I hop you will learn a lot about Ancient Rome.

The Kings of Early Rome

Romulus and Remus found Rome in 753BC. When the settlements on the seven hills were united. This date is probably to late for the actual founding of the city. Romulus and Remus were mythical. There is some evidence that the kings who are said to have followed them actually existed.

The Punic Wars

2 centuries of warfare has turned Rome into a nation of soldiers. Its only remaining rival in the western Mediterranean was the phoenician. The Punic Wars began in 264BC. Warfare continued with interruptions until carthage was finally destroyed in 146BC. Hannibal led the carthagian forces from about 220 to 200BC.

The Roman Empire

The first popular military cheif was Gaius Marius. The Social War lasted 2 years. The SocialWar was a war where in the year 90BC the Italian allies who had long demanded full Roman citizen ship rose in revolt. Sulla took a fearful revenge. slaughtering more then 5,000 of his opponets and confiscating their goods. In 73 to 71BC a gladiator named Spartacus led an army af runway slaves in a war against Rome.