Webelos October

Denner and Denner's Assistant

  • For the next two meetings, Ethan will be denner, while Kodee will be the denner's assistant. Ethan's role will be to get everyone's attention and do the announcements. Kodee will direct the flag ceremony and the pledge.
  • By parent request, we have moved the start of the meeting back to 5:45 pm so that we can get out more promptly at 7 pm for the first and second graders. Webelos will finish at 7:30. Be sure to bring your book, if you have one.
  • Our next meeting is Monday, Oct 19th. We will be doing Outdoor Ethics and starting on our Space Derby kits. We need laptops at this meeting for the scouts to take some online Outdoor quizzes. The American Legion has granted us access to their wireless password. Also, potato peelers or your pocket knife will be needed to start on the Space Derby kits. If you are a new scout, you will need to earn the right to carry a pocket knife; you can do your Whittlin' Chip at this meeting.
  • Also, if you have a hat from last year, please return it! It is the wrong color for your current rank. We would like to re-use hats to save money for our Pack.
  • The T-shirts are here. You must be current on your fees to get your shirt.

Patrol Patches

I have been completely unsuccessful in getting Webelos Scouts to vote for a patrol patch. :) At our next meeting, we will draw cards to divide into three patrols of three to four scouts. Each patrol will plan, budget, and shop for one element of our campout food--dinner, dessert, or breakfast. I will have the patrol patches for us to sew on instead of our Den number.

Webelos Adventures

We have completed the following parts of adventures:
  1. All elements of the Bobcat badge, excepting the Youth Protection booklet in the front, which should be completed at home with a parent
  2. Camp Fire Chef: ii. Set personal nutritional goals and keep a journal for a week; these are due at our next meeting; most Scouts are logging this on the Scoutstrong/Presidential Active Lifestyle Award website (listed below). We will finish the remainder of this adventure in preparing for our campout and at our campout on Oct 24th.
  3. Duty to God and You: These activities should be completed at home by February to earn your Webelo emblem.
  4. First Responder: i.-v. we will do as part of the Red Cross First Aid class, which is being organized by Jacob and his mother; we are trying to offer this on a late fall Saturday so the Webelos can actually earn their Red Cross Basic First Aid card. Items vi., make a first aid kit, vii., make an emergency plan, and viii., visit with a first responder we completed at our last meeting and should be made up at home if you missed the meeting.
  5. Stronger, Faster, Higher: we have completed i. warm-up/cool-down, iii. make a fitness plan and chart your activities for 30 days--again this is most easily accomplished via the Scoutstrong website, and v., teach younger scouts a fitness game; we will plan to do the remaining requirements in January when we will meet at the Avery-Parsons gym for our meetings.
  6. Webelos Walkabout: we have completed ii. create a hiking first aid kit. We will do v., Outdoor Ethics at our next meeting on Oct 19th. What hiking items we can't get done during the campout will be available on our November hike, being planned by Jacob and Reau's moms, or our February Snowshoe hike, being planned by Reau's mom and Lincoln's dad for Saturday, February 7th.
  7. Cyberchip: we will do this in conjunction with Turkey Bowling on Monday, Nov 2nd. This is also the night that we will visit the Boy Scout meeting from 6:30 to 8 pm at the Congregationalist Church.
  8. Electives: The only other things that we need for our Webelos emblem are two electives that we can do as a group. If you want to do more, you can. Some scouts have already earned their Aquanaut. A few are working on Artist, Movie-making, Game Design, and Fix-it. We will have a pool get-together over winter break; anyone wanting to do aquanaut can do that at that time.
  9. Arrow of Light: For our 5th grade Webelos, you must be a Webelo for six months to earn the Arrow of Light. We will work on completing the AoL adventures--Building a Better World, Camper, and Scouting Adventure so that you can move up to the Boy Scout troop around April 1st. You will be able to go to the Boy Scout meetings through the spring as you work to become "official." This will allow you to go with your new Boy Scout troop to summer camp next summer. You will need to do Duty to God in Action as well three additional Webelos electives (in addition to the two above) at home to get your Arrow of Light.
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Scoutbook, Scoutstrong/Presidential Active Lifestyle Award, and Uniform Shirts

  • We are transitioning to a new website called http://www.ScoutBook.com. This will allow you to track your achievements that you do at home online as well as allow you to follow your progress towards Webelo. You can also track your service hours, camping nights, and hiking miles. Our calendar is posted online here, and you can message other scouts.

    • Log onto the Presidential Active Lifestyle Award to earn the ScoutStrong Patch and fulfill some of our nutrition and activity requirements as above
    • This updated version of the Presidential Fitness Award takes into account not only the activity of the Scout, but a parent also!
    • In addition, you and the Scout pick a healthy eating initiative to start each week for six weeks
    • If you don't have an account, create a free account at http://www.presidentschallenge.org/, choose which challenge you want to participate in (PALA), and look up our group in the My Challenge application using the group number below.

    • Group Number: 947001
    • Group Name: Pack 72 Cub Scouts

    • Once you join this group, you will be able to:
    • • Log your activities and earn points that will count toward our group's total and will help you earn President's Challenge awards
    • • See how you're doing compared to other group members

  • As a reminder, we will stay in our blue uniform shirts until Feb, unless a scout has absolutely outgrown their blue shirt. After we get our Webelos rank at the Blue and Gold Banquet, we will switch to the khaki shirts of the Boy Scouts. (New scouts that join this year will go straight to a khaki shirt.) Uniform items like belts, red vests, etc. can be ordered at http://www.scoutstuff.org. Goodwill, Ebay, and others are good sources of used stuff. Buy large so they can wear it for three to four years!

Optional October Events