Walk Two Moons

By Sharon Creech


Salamanca Tree Hiddle goes on a road trip with her grandparents to find her mother. On the way to Lewiston Idaho, Sal tells her grandparents about her friend Phoebe WInterbootm. As she tells Phoebe's story, Sal is able to learn something about herself.

Thesis Sentence

Characters in the novel misjudge three characters because they fail to "walk two moons in their moccasins;" these misjudgments are later proven wrong.


These three characters were judged the most throughout the book. Their actions influence characters to make assumptions. Some characters are surprised by the truth that is told about their crazy beliefs, but in the end it all makes sense in some way. Different characters don't try to put themselves in another person's situations, but instead, they do what they want and don't think of others.