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April 11-15

Events Coming Up/Important Information

Link to Oakwood's calendar of events: http://ow.csisd.org/

April 13- Report Cards go out


Language Arts

Humor Unit

Students will learn to recognize humorous situations in literature and will produce humorous writing of their own.

Our second to last Library Day is coming up this Tuesday.

Our final Library Day will be May 3rd.

Some students still owe library fines, please pay them ASAP!

Last day to turn in library books and fines for this school year is May 12th.


6th 6 weeks:


This week's lessons:

Saturday (4/9): Texas A&M Physics Festival at 10 am.

Monday (4/11): Vocabulary review (bring 100/200 index cards, ALL assigned materials and binder with dividers)

Tuesday (4/12): Continue flashcards and finish binder vocabulary review.

Wednesday (4/13): STAAR Science practice test

Thursday(4/14): STAAR review

Friday(4/15): STAAR review

For a detailed STAAR review calendar please visit my webpage:


Social Studies

Westward Expansion Continued

Owls Give Back

The Owls are on FIRE and committed to giving back!

To help homeless/shelter animals, visit the link to see how you can contribute:


Chase Kuppersmith is collecting Spanish books for the children of Guatemala. If you have Spanish books you would like to donate, please bring to school. Our goal is 200. We have collected 23.

Bring in your new or used UNWANTED shoes. This project will help one of 26 underdeveloped countries around the World. Shoes must not be torn. If possible, please wash and/or wipe shoes clean. We have collected 227. Our goal is 500 pair.

Lastly, we are collecting any type of eyewear/ey protection for Belize. This may include: prescription glasses, sunglasses, and protective goggles. Our goal is 200 pair-we have 24.

Deadlines are May 15. All projects are voluntary.

Thank you so much for helping us teach our kiddos compassion.


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April Birthdays

5- Peyton W.

7-Grant S.

15-Diego C.

18-Cal L

18-Patti L.

23-Ella G.

23-Meagan J.

29-Meredith H.



Mondays 3:40-4:30


Tuesday-Friday during Success by Mr. Velez

by invitation only


Monday- Friday 7:50-8:10am

Reading buddies by invitation only

Please note that all events/activities are subject to change. This newsletter may be updated at any point within the week.