Vinson Team Newsletter

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New Team Newsletter

In an effort to try and improve our team communications, I am going to be trying this new format for our newsletters. I hope that you will give me your feedback on it. I am not very tech savvy at all and friend shared this site with me. Thought I would give it a try and see how we liked it. I am really looking forward to us working together in 2015 to get this business moving forward for all of us. I apologize for not being the best communicator and leader in the past, but I am going to make every effort to work more closely with those of you that want me to. Looking forward to great things for all of us in 2015!! Let's grow this thing big.

Let's Connect!

Please let me know if you would like to set up some time for us to connect. I would love to help you set some goals to help you "earn your ears" to our National Conference this year at Walt Disney World. Be looking for some new Team Training opportunities...the info will be coming out soon. Have a great day!