All about Georiga

By Dylan Reagan 8V


Georiga is a place to see all kinds of snowy mountains ,deserts and the sea. But did you know that the Voronya Cave is the worlds deepest know cave in the world!

Some of the buildings and a mountain in Georiga

Georgia Europe Travel Guide


The countries that border Georgia include these countries Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia. They have really big land forms but I choose only two, and those are Mount Kazbek and Patara Enguri River. Also the major landmarks in Georgia are The Georgia State Museum,The Georgia Art Museum and the National Botanic Gardens. And on of the major bodies of water is The Black Sea.
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The Government in Georiga

In Georiga the government is exactly like the United States because it is a Republic government. Some of the roles and responsibilities is a citizen in Georiga ,or each person by the law has a right in citizenship. Also they are elected just like we do for are presidents. Also the Capital of Georiga is Tblisi. There president is Giorgi Margvelashvilli

Georigas Economy

The nation is a little bit rich because the GDP is 16.14 billion USD in 2013! Their import or export are the Georiga Nuts, scrap metal, ores, wine, vehicles, mineral water and fruit. There are no birthrates unless one of your parents are born there! The life expectancy is 75.85, the literacy rate is 99.85 in 2012 and the water source 100% just this year.
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The most popular traditional clothing people wear in Georgia is called June bugs and Georgia pears. Also the most used language is called Georgian. The major holidays that is done is called Ninocba, Tamaroba and Georgia's Day. Religion in Georgia that is practiced the most is called Orthodox.


The general weather conditions are like ares, hot Summers but the only thing different is that they have NO wet seasons. The average yearly rain fall is 1,026 a year! The average yearly temperature is 27 degrees Fahrenheit to 91 degrees Fahrenheit. The effects the climate has on the country has very large changes, in the Winter it snows up to 10 inches!

Compare and Contrast

The houses in Georgia are extremely weird and we have the modern type of houses. Also in Tbilisi,Georgia the capital is all most the exact same kind of capital as we do. The United States have a bigger population than Georgia. Georgia has a worse GDP than the US. Both Georgia and the US both are a republic government.