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Lets Partner To Build A 148 Site Women's News Network!

Document The "SHEconomy" While Showcasing Your Business On's News Network’s has set up a network of 148 women’s news bureaus. With your assistance, we are going to showcase the “SHEconomy” on 6 continents by documenting ...

  • the role business women,
  • the organizations that support them,
  • and Shop Local movements that target them are playing in getting the global economy back on track.

The news bureaus will serve as a resource for companies looking for business intelligence about the individual women in business markets (cities and neighborhoods) that make up key metro areas around the globe for their niche marketing to women campaigns.

Whether they want to market to women in select zip codes or a specific business industry (Realtors, financial planners, restaurants, physicians, etc.) in metros around the globe, will be their source for info on how to use the local resources (business organizations, events, publications, business centers, marketing and ad agencies, etc.) already in place so they can maximize their results.

If a woman in Dallas is looking for information about the latest women’s business events and business magazine issues in Paris, Toronto, London etc., she will be able to browse’s network of news bureaus to find the information and quickly connect with someone she can partner with to tap into the local resources to position her marketing message.

The news network will play a major role in's 2014 One Million Woman Link Up -- movement to help 1,000,000 women monetize LinkedIn by partnering to market to its 138,000,000 female members. Participation is complimentary and offers several sponsor opps to market to the participants.

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We Are Strategically Building An Audience Of 1,000,000 Women For Our News Network

It's going to take an army of women to generate enough content to fill up the sites and provide info about their local women in business market. We are asking women to grab 10 of their female business associates for a joint interview that will be published on a news site this year. They will be assigned a topic and provided with an interview form to submit their response.

List Of Interview Questions For Joint News Pieces will select the topic for your article. A form will be provided for everyone to submit their quotes. The news pieces will be compiled by admin team.

  1. What type of impact has LinkedIn had on your business?
  2. What's your recipe for business success? Share your top business tip to help women struggling to find success.
  3. What differentiates your company from your competition?
  4. The holiday sales season is quickly approaching. Share a tip to encourage women to hire your company to help them boost their sales.
  5. In your opinion, has the economy rebounded for your business since the recession? Or do you feel that we are still in one?

Hangout on Facebook and G+ with to learn even more about the project. We set up event pages on both sites.

Size Of Your Interview Spotlight

As the news piece organizer, your one responsibility is simply supplying us with women to provide quotes. As such, your quote will be listed first and you will be mentioned in the resource box at the end with a link to your web site. The size of your spotlight will be based on the level of involvement you choose when you add yourself to the 2014 One Million Woman Link Up. You can take advantage of the free level or become a supporter/sponsor to get more exposure.

  • Free participation - a one line quote and have your name hyperlinked to your web site.
  • Basic participation ($10) - a two to three line quote and have your name hyperlinked to their web site.
  • Supporter ($35+) - Up to 5 lines for a quote, company name listed and hyperlinked.
  • Supporter ($50+) - You will have your photo or logo included. Up to 5 lines for a quote, company name listed and hyperlinked.

The levels along with the list of perks valued between $50 and $1700 are outlined on

Lets Begin! Follow The Instructions Below.

Friday, Aug. 15th, 12-12am

This is an online event.

  1. Add yourself to the 2014 One Million Link Up (direct link).
  2. You will be assigned a topic for your interview.
  3. Quickly put together your list of ten powerhouse women who are readily available to be interviewed and invite them to take part in a joint interview for Use the message posted on CC on the message to them. Your goal is to have everyone in place within 24 hours so you can quickly begin reaping the PR benefits.
  4. While you are waiting for everyone to respond, take part in the Summer Of 1000 Business Introductions. It only takes one minute to get additional exposure for your business.
  5. You can help build a snapshot of your local women in business market and get even more exposure by responding to one or more of the interview questions posted on

About is a business site that facilitates collaborative business relationships between business and professional women who want to share the cost and time of marketing to grow their female client base.

It creates large scale collaborative projects designed to help business and professional women cross pollinate their knowledge and contacts so they can grow their female client base in Atlanta, Paris, Sydney and every other major city around the globe using the local resources already in place.