Alexander the great

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Alexander in Thebes

  • Phillip II was Assassinated, The army of Macedonian automatically accepted Alexander as their commander
  • before Phillip II was assassinated he already assemble all the his army to conquer Persia (the most powerful empire in the ancient world at that time)
  • After fighting all the rebels, Alexander was furious about the false report of his death so he marched his army to the gates o f Thebes to wiped the rest of the rebels
  • after defeating the rebels some rebels surrendered, then Alexander treat the rest of the Thebans with passion and showed mercy to them
  • After controlling the city, Alexander give his crown to his troops
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Alexander in Egypt

  • after fighting the Persians and travel in Asia minor for two years they finally arrived in the Egypt
  • as they arrived, the Egyptians gave them a big welcome and accept Alexander as their pharaoh
  • as the year continue Alexander left most his soldier to visit a prophet to to hear predictions from the oracle of success in the future
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Alexander in persia

  • Alexander and his troops compete against the persians
  • commander Darius flee and abandon his armies including his family from the fight
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Alexander in India

  • as they traveled Alexander met a wise king called himself Porus
  • as the battle continue Alexander surprised attack Porus's army and loose