World War 1

Allies vs. Central Powers

New Technology

1. Poisonous gases such as: tear gas, chlorine gas, and mustard gas are being used to attack The Allied soldiers. Tear gas causes the eyes, nose and throat to burn. Chlorine gas reacts with moisture of eyes and lugs, almost always resulting in death. Lastly, mustard gas attacks exposed flesh and blisters form on the skin as well as in the lungs.

2. Machine guns are also used to rapidly fire hundreds of rounds of bullets. With these powerful guns shooting very quickly, more soldiers are dying.

3. Tanks are huge artillery vehicles that keep the soldiers inside safe while bombing other areas.


Woodrow Wilson, the US President, is one of the key leaders for the Allies in the war. He is diligently working on a plan for peace called the 14 points. Some of these points may be taken into account when the Treaty of Versailles is discussed.

Max von Baden, the Chancellor of Germany, worked for the Central Powers over the welfare work of the prisoners of war. He also helps guide military leader, so he dictates part of the Central Power's military.

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Woodrow Wilson asked the citizens of the United States to use less wheat, meat, fats, and sugar to help save money for the war. This also helped send more food over to the soldiers.
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Gas masks must be carried around at all times because soldiers never know when they may be bombarded with poisonous gases.
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During this war, most of the soldiers are battling in trench warfare. They have to remember to change their sock and keep their boots dry to protects their feet from infection.

Newspaper Headlines

1. Archduke Frans Ferdinand Assassinated Europe Goes to War!

2. Germans Sink the Lusitania

3. Poison Gas Used as Weapon