Formative Assessment w/ Technology

- a vital aspect of good instruction.

Before class....

To begin teachers will be formatively assessed on their knowledge of formative assessment through a flipped format (30 mins credit). To view the activities to complete, scroll through the sections below. They need to be completed before you arrive in class. Our focus of the face to face class time will be how to use Kahoot in class with students. The second part of class you will be given time to set up a Kahoot to use in your classroom. This is part of a series of professional development opportunities using technology tools during formative assessment. (1 hr credit for this session, 30 minutes credit for completing online activities)


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Formative Assessment / Evaluation

Formative Assessment - Content Reading

Here are 2 articles on formative assessment. Read first then respond to this formative assessment (Quick Quiz) below so we can check your understanding.

Dipsticks: Checking for Understanding

Providing Feedback

Quick Quiz

Post Assessment -

Question stems to be discussed in class tomorrow:

-Why do you think that formative assessment is important?

-How are you currently using formative assessment?

-How are your co-workers using formative assessment?