By' Mohammad and Olivia

The God of War

His symbols are a wolf (because his sons were raised by wolfs), a woodpecker, spear and sword (because he is the God of war), iron, and lance.

History of the God of War

Mar's parents are Jupiter and Juno. He have birth to Romulus and Remus. The Wife and mother is Rhea Silvia.

Renaissance Artwork of Mars

Myths of Mars

The 3 main myths

  1. The myth starts with Juno, the queen of the gods, she gave birth to Mars after being touched by a ancient plant. He loved anything that dealt with vegetation and fertility. this made dim the god of agriculture. As the Romans became more and more violent, Mars slowly turned into a god of war. Even though he was now a god of war, he never lost his feeling for agriculture. The Romans honored him with festivals in March. This is the part of the year when new vegetation begins in the fields and military campaigns start again after a winter break.
  2. Another myth about Mars starts with his shield. The god's sacred shield fell from the heavens during the time of the early Roman king Numa Pompilius. He Believed that the shield was important to the city of Rome, Numa had 11 of the same shields made and hung all of them in a shrine. He did this to confuse any robbers. Numa order of priests, called the Salii, to guard the shields. For many years, Roman priests continued to wear the old-fashioned armor and to perform ancient war dances during the festivals of Mars in March.

  3. Mars's best honor in the Roman pantheon comes in his old role as an old ancestor of Rome. According to the ancient tellings of Rome, Mars gave birth and was the father of Romulus and Remus, twin boys born and raised to a human priestess and raised by a wolf. Romulus later discovered the city of Rome, and the Romans believed that Romulus's great father would come and help in times of crisis or disaster.

Ares and Mars

The Greek version of is known as Ares. They are different in many ways. The Romans respect their god of war much more than the Greeks respect theirs. Ares was an original god of war, but Mars was first a god of agriculture. Mars is more merciful than Ares. Ares is a ruthless killer, and Mars gives mercy to the people who deserve it.

Non- Classical References

Mars, the planet, was named after him.

March, the month, was named after him because March is known as the month of war.

There is a symbol that is round with an arrow going through it that represents the gender male. It is supposed to be a shield with an arrow going through it.

Mars in inspired martial arts. The word comes from Arts of Mars and means all of the types of defending moves you can do.

Also the Romans named the day Tuesday after him, which caused many languages like Spanish, French, and Italian to have different variations of the word Mars, which means Tuesday for them.