DC Staff Update

14 September 2014

I'm grateful this week for...

A truly huge shout out to Pat Romano, who for the past 6 years has been the driving force behind our getting final agreement last week with HK Resorts to develop the foreshore into an artificially turfed area for play, PE and sport.

When the college opened in DB in 2008 we were not always well-received, fielding almost daily complaints over noise and activities. Pat, through his calm attendance on community groups as well as his personable manner towards everyone, finally managed in May this year to secure the support of the Committee of Chairs of all the Village Committees. From there it has been just the tying up of loose ends, and we are ready to start the project.

While we expect Dec-May to be difficult as we have to work around losing the foreshore as construction commences, the end result will be more than worth the effort.

Restorative practice

A week or so ago, following a couple of complaints, I nabbed some of our students misbehaving in the Sunny Bay bus line. Unbeknown to me, one of our DC parents was waiting in the queue at the time and sent me an email saying, "I saw you this afternoon at the North Plaza Bus Stop telling off a group of secondary students jumping the queue. I was standing in the queue and was going to tell them off, but there you came, the Big Man of DC!!!" Now thinking of ways I could use this title in the future...

I emailed the students over the weekend to say that I wanted to meet with them. I gave them some questions I wanted them to consider, using the RP framework. When we met they had all had an opportunity to reflect on their actions and how it had affected others. During that discussion they suggested that they apologise directly to the people on the bus by creating cards to pass out the following day, using the words that they came up with in both English and Cantonese.

If you have been affected by our behaviour in the bus line or on the Sunny Bay bus, we sincerely apologise for that. We are committed to being more respectful of other bus passengers in the future - DC students
如果你被我們在巴士站和巴士上的行為影響了,我們真誠為這件事道歉。我們從今天開始會多一點注意和尊重乘搭巴士的乘客。- 智新書院的學生

Two of their parents emailed me expressing gratitude for dealing with the concern and saying how much they appreciated the power of DC's RP approach. I also had 3 of the students come to my office to let me know how they are going and to assure me that their behaviour really has improved. It reminded me yet again that, despite the time that we sometimes have to invest in RP, the impact it has can be profound.

Staff parents

A few years ago we wrote some guidelines called Staff Parents of Students at DC. These guidelines were to try and help teachers who taught staff children, the parents of those students, and the students themselves. Quite a few staff have recently asked that a little clarity be given over a couple of issues, so CLT is suggested the following additions. I would appreciate any feedback on this by the end of the coming week.

For Parents:
Your child will be treated like any other student in the school, therefore, cannot expect to have privileges or advantages over other students, particularly when other DC students are present. Examples of this would include:
  • Using the lift
  • Being present in the staff room during the school day and at staff only events. N.B. Staff children are welcome at Friday after school drinks with their parent/s.
  • Access to playgrounds prior to 8am
  • Expecting that other staff e.g. library staff, would supervise your child before or after school, or during school events
If your child comes into school with you in the morning prior to 7.45am, they should remain in your classroom under your supervision until 8am. If they arrive between 7.45-8am while other students are lining up at the main entrance, they should remain there and enter with the rest of the student body

For Students:
Students will be treated like any other student in the school, therefore, cannot expect to have privileges or advantages over other students.

Weekly Chinese by Debbie

Mandarin has four basic tones, the pitch contours of which are shown below.
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This week

Another fairly quiet week with a couple of primary trips out on Thursday. Watch out for some wet weather on Tuesday and Wednesday as Typhoon Kalmaegi is forecast to pass to the south of HK.
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